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About the company

Since 2001 MSR Engineering Solutions is well known in various Middle East and African countries for continuous business creation in the field of conveyor engineering and production, including the supply of power transmission components such as gearboxes, motors, sprockets, chains, belts and fasteners.

MSR Engineering Solutions is a private held company, managed in first generation with a total of 45 employees, office and production plant in Egypt and more than 230 satisfied customers to date.

What We do

MSR is a company purely focussed on countries with emerging in the production industry( food , textile , metals ) as well as quarry and cement industry. Due to tough competition in the Egyptian market and high quality standard pre-set by us , MSR decided in 2008 to move the field of activity solely to countries surrounding Egypt with the aim to ensure a continuation of profitable business while maintaining high quality standars at the same time.