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Double Pitch Transmission Roller Chain

Challenge double pitch roller chains are produced to ANSI B29.3 and ANSI B29.4 standards. The dimensions of these chains are similar to that of standard roller chains except the pitch is doubled, resulting in typically lower purchase and drive energy costs thanks to the reduction in the number of components per metre.
These chains are ideal for low load, moderate speed conveyor applications where the drive centre distance is moderately long.
Challenge offers a multitude of options including but not limited to; stainless steel, zinc and nickel plating, integral attachments, large and small rollers, plastic rollers and IGUS bushes.
Challenge roller chain is supplied in five meter boxes including one connecting link. Some sizes are available on reels or in 10ft boxes.
Note that double pitch transmission chains run on standard transmission chain sprockets.

Double Pitch Transmission Roller Chain

With dimensions identical to standard roller chains, except with twice the pitch, double pitch roller chains offer a lower price (as they use half the number of components) while still offering the same breaking load. They are ideal for use in slow to moderate speed applications. Transmission double pitch chains have a wasted link plate and small gearing rollers, while conveyor chain type double pitch chains have straight link plates and a large conveying roller.

It should be noted that double pitch transmission and conveyor type chains can be supplied Nickel or Zinc plated along with being manufactured from Stainless Steel with optional Delrin rollers.

Roller transmission chains are one of the key products that have made Challenge so successful over the last 40 years. With shot peened link plates and ball swaged holes increasing the fatigue resistance, deep wasted link plates upgrading the breaking load and reducing stress, induction hardened precision pins increasing the chains operating life, pre stretching to ensure component alignment, minimal initial elongation and extended service life and optional spin riveting greatly improving link plate security in demanding applications, the Challenge range of precision roller transmission chains are keeping a wide range of industries moving all around the world.

Whether you require British Standard, ISO or the ANSI standard of roller power transmission chain, Challenge is a leading supplier of both chains and sprockets all over the world.
With a wide range of additional supporting products such as taper lock bushes, cone clamps and torque limiters you can be assured that keeping you moving is within our power transmission range.


Due to the high loads transmitted by transmission roller chain, fatigue failure is a common occurrence especially when shock loading is present within the application. Our roller chain not only has ball swaged holes to ensure accurate chain pitch (and therefore even loading around sprockets) but ball swaging and shot peening of the links develops compressive stresses. This actively resists the cracks that cause fatigue failure from initialising and propagating through the link plates which helps to ensure the longest possible service life.


A key advantage to Challenge roller chains is our global stocks and expert local support. We hold simplex, duplex and triplex chains, a wide range of attachments and connecting links (A, K SA, SK,WA, WS, WK etc) and a wide selection of sprockets, which are available to take our full range of taper lock bushes; allowing flexibility on shaft size with quick and simple fitting or with a pilot bore for final machining.

All chain coils/lengths are supplied with a standard connecting link.

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