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Gas explosion protection

  • Power ranges: 0.12 – 22 kW
  • Efficiency classes: IE1 and IE2

NORD motors in the gas explosion protected versions are produced at our own facilities and have been supplied to all important markets worldwide since 2003. Explosion protected NORD motors can be supplied according to Categories 2G and 3G for Zones 1 and 2. Various solutions are available on the basis of ignition protection classes “Increased safety” (e), “Pressure resistant encapsulation” (d/de) and “Non-Sparking Design”. In addition, all of our motors are approved according to ATEX and HazLoc.

  • Versions
    • Among others, gas explosion protected NORD motors are available with the following options:
      • Brake (BRE+), Noise-reduced brake (NRB1/2), External fan (F)
      • Motor protection: Temperature sensor (TF), Thermostat (TW), Anti-condensation heater (SH)
      • Motor connection: Motor plug connection (MS)
      • nsd tupH version possible