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Smooth synchronous motors

  • Performance: 0,75 kW – 2,2 kW
  • Efficiency class IE4
  • Global approvals and acceptances

NORD smooth motors are produced in-house and are available in various sizes. Thanks to their wash-down design they can be used in hygienically demanding environments. This drive solution is also available as an nsd tupH version. We also supply the motors in the permanent magnet synchronous motor versions and with smooth, easy-to-clean housings. Use of our high efficiency synchronous motors with permanent magnet technology ensures low operating costs. In addition, the drive solution can be simply and flexibly combined due to full compatibility with the NORD modular products. Simplified control of applications is possible thanks to an almost constant motor speed

  • Versions
    • Among others, the following options are available:
      • Brake (BRE+), Noise-reduced brake (NRB1/2), External fan (F)
      • Motor protection: Temperature sensor (TF), Thermostat (TW), Anti-condensation heater (SH)
      • Motor connection: Motor plug connection (MS)
      • nsd tupH version possible